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The NWQ Titan Eclipse Fund (Fund)

The Fund is open to Australian wholesale investors.

The Fund’s strategy is to provide consistent, superior capital appreciation through the use of a multi-manager investment strategy that takes into account environmental, social, governance and other sustainable development factors (‘ESG’) in conjunction with other factors typically considered in the investment allocation process.

The Fund’s multi-manager investment strategy is managed by Titan Advisors and Flat World Partners. NWQ is the exclusive distribution partner of Titan and Flat World in Australia for the Titan Eclipse Fund.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the NWQ Titan Eclipse Fund include the following:

Key Benefits


Fund Overview

The Fund is a unique and compelling offering for Australian investors seeking access to a risk-managed ESG investment solution.



Investment Process

The Fund’s investment process reflects its dual mandate of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns and allocating to managers implementing ESG best practices.

Investment Process

The investment process combines Titan’s expertise in manager selection and portfolio construction with Flat World’s expertise in ESG engagement and reporting.

How To Invest

For information on how to invest in the NWQ Titan Eclipse Fund, please click the link below.

Please contact us at investments@nwqcm.com or on 08 9485 4300 should you wish to discuss the Fund in more detail.