Global Partnership

Strategic Partnership with Titan Advisors

NWQ has entered into a strategic partnership with multi-billion dollar U.S. hedge fund group Titan Advisors (Titan). This transformational alliance will facilitate NWQ’s ability to deliver a range of global solutions for our Australian clients.

The first collaboration between Titan and NWQ is an innovative and highly sought after ESG solution for investors seeking to align wealth creation with their social values. The Titan Eclipse strategy is a joint venture between Titan and Flat World Partners (Flat World). Flat World is an institutional advisory and asset management firm that is 100% focused on sustainable investments.

The Titan Eclipse strategy is a portfolio of the world’s leading and emerging ESG-centric hedge fund managers. These managers incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into the ways they manage their firms and portfolios.

NWQ is the exclusive partner of Titan and Flat World in Australia and will be offering the Titan Eclipse strategy via an Australian unit trust structure.


NWQ Titan Eclipse Fund

The NWQ Titan Eclipse Fund allows Australian investors efficient access to the Titan Eclipse strategy. The Fund aims to deliver equity-like returns with dampened volatility.

Key Benefits of the Fund:

Mission Aligned

A compelling opportunity that aligns investment portfolio with the values investors stand for:

The Fund is offered to Australian investors seeking meaningful global ESG outcomes and attractive portfolio returns.

ESG investing is a growing and desirous category that is having measurable environmental, social, and governance outcomes leading to positive change.

Collaborative approach

Titan and Flat World partner with leading global managers to drive demonstrable ESG outcomes:

Flat World are ESG specialists and partner with the managers to enhance the ways that they incorporate ESG considerations into the management of their firms and portfolios.

Flat World utilise a proprietary ESG data platform, YvesBlue, that will rate and score each manager’s portfolio along various ESG metrics, including carbon footprint and exposure to each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Titan and Flat World seek to assist the managers to better identify and understand ESG risks and opportunities as well as promote engagement with companies on ESG issues.

Alpha potential

A long/short approach to ESG has outperformed the S&P500 by +4.1% on average over last five years:

ESG factors have been a source of alpha for investors over many years.

The long/short approach of the Fund’s underlying managers widens the opportunity set for monetising ESG factors (i.e. hedge fund managers can buy companies with positive exposure to ESG factors and short companies with negative exposure to ESG factors).

The Fund’s underlying managers are highly skilled and qualified investors who utilise ESG insights to generate alpha.